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For the quality online pet accessories you need and the knowledgeable service you want, there’s only one, Woof Woof and Meow. As Australia’s best online pet boutique style pet supply retailer, we work hard to bring you the very best pet related products available. Your pet deserves the very best, get it at Woof Woof and Meow today!

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Located in Sydney, and serving discerning pets and their owners across Australia, Woof Woof and Meow was established to be an all in one online pet supply resource where pet owners from all over could find the unique and innovative products they need to pamper and spoil their favorite furry friends.

Jasper’s Philosophy

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the founder of Woof Woof and Meow. I wanted to create a store that would enable pet lovers across Australia to show their pets just how much they love and appreciate them. My cat, Jasper, has shown me that pets of all types and sizes need to be more than just cared for; they need to be pampered and treated just like a part of the family which, in all reality, they are. Together, with his friend and playmate Luigi, (who just happens to live next door) they have taught me more about myself than I ever could have learned without them. Pets are an important part of our lives and we should cherish them for all they are and for all they make us.

Why Shop With Us?

Our staff of knowledgeable pet owners and lovers have been tasked with providing our customers with a higher level of service and support that is virtually unheard of in this industry. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction before, during and after every sale; you have our word on it. Quality products, impeccable service, it must be Woof Woof and Meow; shop with us today.

From collars and leads, to toys, home furnishings and couture, Woof Woof and Meow has all of your pampered pet needs covered. Our quality and selection will bring you in and our service and dedication will keep you coming back for more. Our goal is to make every customer, a customer for life.

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Like us today on Facebook for instant product updates, specials and promotions, or to learn more about Woof Woof and Meow and how we can help you provide that special boutique experience your pets deserve, contact us here and let one of our pet specialists assist you and answer any questions you might have about our collection of quality online pet accessories.

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