When it comes to having a cat or several cats as pets, it can be glorious most of the time, but other times, it can be quite bothersome, especially when said cats decide to take it upon themselves and scratch up all your furniture. From the experience of most cat owners, this process of a cat scratching their beloved furniture as well as carpets, walls, etc. can be expensive to fix and extremely difficult to deal with. Thankfully, there are a few humane, easy, and inexpensive ways to deal with this problem. Each of these ways will not be a bother to your prized pets, and will only serve to keep them from scratching up your entire home!

The first deterrent to get cats from scratching furniture is to clip and dull their claws. Cat claws are just like our nails, when clipped and filed, they don’t hurt, and it actually serves them better, since they will not get their claws snagged on various things. To do this, invest in a cheap clipper and file made for cat claws and then hold on tight, it might be difficult to get your cat to sit still, but overtime, they will get used to the feeling of having their claws clipped, and your furniture will be thankful. Another deterrent is to put up barriers where they happen to be scratching. Cats usually find a perfect area on furniture or carpet where they enjoy scratching the most, put up a barrier such as a piece of plastic or tape, and they will not be able to scratch this area any longer. It also helps to change up the furniture placement in your home, to keep your cats from getting too comfortable scratching the same spot over and over and over again. Lastly,  a scratching post is always an option, but is not always the most effective. To make the scratching post attractive to your cat, put in some catnip or a few of their favorite treats in and around the post, so they can hopefully get the message.


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