When it comes to your pet, you know just how important it is to understand them. Are they hungry? Tired? Annoyed? The reality is that pets communicate with us much more than we might even realize. With the way that they lay or bark or stare, this communication-style is evident in the way that they exist on a day to day basis and tells us what we need to know in order to care for them properly. For instance, dogs and cats have a very interesting communication style with their owners. The goal is to communicate with your pet regularly. Speak to them slowly and with a certain intonation, and they will understand what you are saying. It is important to actually speak to them similar to how you would speak to a child. If they did something wrong, it is best to have a conversation with them, even adding in pauses just like how you would if you were talking to a human being. This form of communication can be understood by animals in an amazing way. Your animals will make changes based on what you have said, and it is because you are truly communicating with them, and not just scolding them or raising your voice. Animals have a high social intelligence, and they are able to look into your eyes and understand what you are saying if you are truly speaking from your heart. Animals are also very intuitive, so even if you are not saying anything to them directly, they usually know what is going on. This is why it is best to speak to them and explain what is going on so that they understand. An example of this is when you go on vacation. Animals see the luggage and they know what is going to happen. This is the time to look deep into their eyes and assure them that you will be back soon and tell them that you love them. This will give your pet a great peace of mind and add to the bond that you share with them.



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