We know you just love your dog, and that is why we know you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. When it comes to the comfort of your dog, there are the basic necessities, the right food and water that is always available. But, there are many other things that might be overlooked when it comes to your dog’s safety, since they don’t have a voice to utter all of their concerns. One of these things has to do with the weather outside. If you live in an environment that gets very cold, it is important to keep your dog safe and comfortable by taking the weather into consideration. Make sure that during the winter time, you put a sweater or some type of clothing on them. While you may not think it helps, it actually holds heat inside, which is vital if you are taking your dog on long winter walks. In the winter time, it is also important that you care for their paws. When your dog walks on ice, their paws could become unbearably frozen. It is helpful to invest in some type of paw protectors for your dog, similar to socks or shoes. Not only will it help them from getting too cold, but it will also keep them safe against all the ‘salt’ that is sometimes poured outside to melt ice and snow. The ‘salt’ that is poured outside is toxic and can do terrible harm to the health of your dog, so keep them safe with socks of their very own.

Some other ways to keep your dog comfortable is to get a bed for them that fits them perfectly. Dogs are just like us, they like to stretch out, and only a bed that is large enough will allow them to do this. If your home gets drafty, you might also want to purchase a small blanket for them that you could place on them during the night. These little changes make a big difference in the overall comfort of your dog, and they are sure to thank you with lots of love and some sloppy wet kisses.


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