Not sure what size you need to buy – Check with the individual shop to make sure you have the right size, below is a generic sizing guide that shows how to measure your dog or cat.

We will be updated this as we increase the number of market stall holders.

Here is a picture to show you how measure your dog for clothing.

dog size picture


To get the right size collar for your dog you need to measure your dog’s neck.

Option 1 – Measure the neck size (just like measuring for a shirt) Use a tape measure to measure how you wish the collar to fit around your dog’s neck i.e. with enough room as not to be tight but not too loose that the head slips through. A rough gauge is to allow one or two fingers to fit easily under the tape whilst measuring. In this photo the dog’s neck measures 30cm

collar measurement

Option 2 – Measure the old collar (if it’s the right size) Use a tape to measure from outer edge of the buckle to the hole used. This collar measures 33 cm

old collar measurement


Or if it is a collar with a plastic snap buckle measure edge of buckle to edge that meets the buckle on the other side.

collar measurement 2

When you have determined measurement please check which size is required.

For example if the measurement is 30 cm then you will need collar size 3 which is neck size 27 to 33 cm.

If the measurement is between sizes indicated then go to the largest. For example 33.5cm would mean you should choose a size 4 (34-38cm).

COLLAR SIZES for Hamish McBeth products 

Leather collars

Size 1 –  20-24cm

Size 2 – 22-26cm

Size 3 – 27-33cm

Size 4 – 34-38cm

Size 5 – 39-46cm

Size 6 – 48-54cm

Size 7 – 55-65cm

Tartan collars

28-34 cm

34-40 cm

Savile Row collars

Size 27- 31cm

Size 31-35 cm

Size 35-39 cm

Size 39-43 cm


Small 20-30cm

Medium 25-35cm

Large 36-50cm

Fabric Collection

Small 35 – 45 cm

Medium 45-60 cm

If you are still not sure which size to choose please contact us and we will advise you.

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